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Dark Matter Teaching Resources

Particle Physics Research List

If you are looking for a physicist to ask a question of or an expert to talk to your students, refer to this database.  The researchers in this database have agreed to help answer questions or (if time permits) arrange talks with your students.

Unit 1: Introduction to Dark Matter

Unit 2: Searching for Dark Matter with PICASSO

Background Information

Activity 1: PICASSO at SNOLAB - Key
Activity 2: Calibrating PICASSO - Key
Activity 3: Piezoelectric Detection - Key
Activity 4: PICASSO, Momentum & Energy - Key

Dark Matter Recoil Video

PICASSO Background Graph 2-5 s
PICASSO Background Graph Complete
PICASSO Unprocessed Graph 2-5 s
PICASSO Unprocessed Graph Complete

PICASSO Unprocessed Dataset 1
PICASSO Unprocessed Dataset 2

PICO Bubble Nucleation Videos

Source: Pico Collaboration

Dr. Piro Explaining PICASSO operation

Animation of SNOLAB and Cosmic Rays

Source: Zac Kenney and McDonald Institute

PICASSO Bubble 3.gif
PICASSO Bubble 1_edited.jpg
PICASSO Bubble 2.gif
PICASSO Bubble 4.gif

Unit 3: Searching for Dark Matter with NEWS-G

Background Information

Activity 1: Calibration - Key
Activity 2: NEWS-G Operation - Key

NEWS-G Operation Animation

Source: NEWS-G Collaboration


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